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psychiatrists are always right

I would just be so interested to hear from anyone that can relate to any of the following when it comes to psychiatrists. I have to see my current shrink tomorrow and I'm dreading it (here we get to see one for literally 2 sessions, then we're shoved into another one's care for a couple of sessions, and then to another- least that's my personal experience but I know for sure I am not alone). I didn't write the following myself, it was actually written by a columnist that works for the very respected BBC here in the UK- yet these statements took the words right out of my mouth. Who would listen to me alone? I'm a mere patient with no mind of my own and no intelligence eh?!

1. Psychiatrists are always right, have all knowledge, and what they don't know doesn't exist.
2. Patients are powerless, have no knowledge, and should accept everything the psychiatrist says, even when it is wrong.
3. Situations are only as urgent as the waiting list is short. If the waiting list is long, no condition is ever urgent. The waiting list is always long, so your situation is never urgent.
4. In theory, psychiatrists have just as many disorders as the rest of us. In practice, however, psychiatrists are always completely normal, and patients are always completely abnormal - even when it comes to things not related to the original condition you turned up to talk about.
5. If you are at the psychiatrist, you are there because you are not normal; therefore everything that you say is a symptom of your condition, as is every emotion you express.
6. If you get angry, upset or appalled by any of the above, this is also a symptom of your condition.
7. If you complain, things will get worse in direct proportion to the extent of your complaints. If you complain at all, they will add oppositional defiant disorder to your diagnosis. If you complain loudly, they will add histrionic personality disorder to your diagnosis. If you show a strong distaste for the psychiatrist, they will add borderline personality disorder to your diagnosis. If you show any superior knowledge to the psychiatrist on any subject whatsoever, they will add narcissistic personality disorder to your diagnosis. If you are unwise enough to stop even there, you run the risk of being sectioned under the Mental Health Act to languish in the secure ward until you have thoroughly learned rule 8 (see below).
8. Patients may not express adverse opinions. Ever.

I personally relate to the above statements so intensely, that to me it's no wonder that I'm never getting any better-in fact much worse every time I see a shrink. For years and years I have been literally screaming, shouting n swearing in my sleep, completely unaware of it except for my nightmares. People can't bear to sleep in the same room as me cos of the screaming I make! I'm not at all stable, yet I simply cannot approach any so-called professional because I truly believe they won't talk to me like I have a brain. I scream in my sleep because no one listens to me when I'm awake.

I don't expect these people to be miracle workers. But that's beside the point I am trying to make, let's not forget the or $$$$$ they are making by hiding behind the title of 'professional' whilst doing absolutely **** all when it comes to 'patients' with 'real minds'. Ouch ouch ouch! Can anyone please please relate to me? I'm 'unconventional' or any other title these highly paid people choose to call me. I can't speak for other countries but I've no doubt the point I'm trying to make is happening everywhere.

love the mentalist with no mind xxx (!)

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