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Re: psychiatrists are always right

Yep I agree with you whole heartedly. My doctor is a moron and I have known this since our first meeting the problem is with so few doctors around I am stuck with him. Did you know when you are walking and think you see something to the side and you stop and look and nothing is there and you do it forty plus times a day that is normal....he was actualy stuttering when he said that to me that means he is lying. I take three antidepressants, a mood stabilizer and a sleeping pill and when I asked if I was taking too much he replied that is something we will worry with down the road. When I asked what these meds were doing to my body again he replied we will worry about that down the road. The we with the body was not happy with these answers. My doctor keeps saying your doing much better yet he will never look at me when he says it. I am pretty sure if my doctor and I were in an empty dark parking lot he would take off running. I guess I would know then how truly stable I was.

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