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Re: psychiatrists are always right

Originally Posted by messy View Post
7. If you complain, things will get worse in direct proportion to the extent of your complaints. If you complain at all, they will add oppositional defiant disorder to your diagnosis. If you complain loudly, they will add histrionic personality disorder to your diagnosis. If you show a strong distaste for the psychiatrist, they will add borderline personality disorder to your diagnosis. If you show any superior knowledge to the psychiatrist on any subject whatsoever, they will add narcissistic personality disorder to your diagnosis. If you are unwise enough to stop even there, you run the risk of being sectioned under the Mental Health Act to languish in the secure ward until you have thoroughly learned rule 8 (see below).

I, however, cannot relate. I'm sure it happens here, but I've been lucky enough not to come into contact with any of those psychiatrists. I did speak to one on the telephone... my doctor referred me to him and he does brief phone consultations before deciding if he'll take the patient. He told me he felt that my goal was unrealistic... in other words, that I wouldn't be able to learn ways of dealing with stress, anxiety and my past without going into major episodes. Ever. From anyone. Talk about narcissistic personality disorder! I went back to my doctor and told him the psych doc wouldn't take me (and I told him about the "unrealistic" comment). So he referred me to someone else and she seems to think it's possible for me over-come some of my issues. I don't know what his problem was.