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Re: psychiatrists are always right

hey guys. I LOVE THIS! Im printing it off lol.

its sooo true right now its weird , espeically the 'if they dont understand it doesnt exist'. right now apparently its normal to be negative and down for 5 yrs, talk to ODing every other day, lining up pills?-dnt worry about it, your totally ok , and the whole self harming everyday too, under eating or attempting to be sick, and obbssessional worrying and walking for hours on end rain or snow, infact my fav was the time the bottoms of my trousers became giant ice cubes and bruised my legs, its all good because everybody probably just does that and i dont notice

what a load of bollocks. i know i was not always such a mess so therefore something is wrong and needs fixing, but i have an awful time trying to show emotion to my docs, so they dont get it, but i show emotion in letters and stuff-but still, as the list said'your case is NEVER urgent'. and the whole beleiving psychs when theyre wrong, my doc loves doing that cos its easy to just swallow, however she forgets i cant swallow just as hard because-im the one who has to live in a mess of the inbetween, and not get enough help because some dude in a porcsh turned up and spoke to me for 40 minutes and decided he knew everything.why are counsellors better at picking stuff up, yet they get paid so little in comparison. psychs may do a lot of busy stuff being docs-but does any of it really help anyone, to me all i hear from this board and elsewhere is just problem after problem with these psych guys-any success stories??

so angry

thanks for this, xox