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Re: Can Excess Vitamin E Cause Depression?

Originally Posted by panthers78 View Post
Just wondering if anyone has any information that excessive dosages of vitamin E can cause depression? I have been taking 800-1200 IU of Vitamin E per day for about two years to try to detoxify my body from smoking cigars.

I noticed recently (last couple of months) that I have become depressed. I thought I was depressed due to lack of sunlight now that winter is here.

Well I lost my mac card this week after I ran out of Vitamin E and I have stopped taking it temporarily. I noticed that my mood has elevated markedly.
I am guessing this could be an effect of stopping the vitamin E.

However, I never knew Vitamin E could cause depression/anxiety in excess amounts. Anyone have any info on this?
If you have been taking that dose of vitamin E for two years, and these symptoms of depression only showed up in the last two months, it is highly unlikely that the vitamin E caused it, though perhaps some other factor in conjunction with the vitamin E has entered the picture.

In any case, some experts have said that above 400 IU of vitamin E per day could be harmful. Others say above 800. In any case, you were taking way too much of it. I take 400 IU of natural vitamin E. You were probably taking d-Alpha-Tocopherol vitamin E, which is more active and does not have all the tocopherols. Regardless of the type you take, you should not stop taking vitmain E because of its many benefits for the brain, and other health concerns. For example, it is currently being studied in conjunction with selenium for prostate cancer (the SELECT study), as a previous study showed that 400 IU d-Alpha Vitamin E cut the likelihood of getting prostate cancer by about 30%. If necessary, go to 200 IU. These are just my thoughts, from my point of view, of course.