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Just curious

Hello everyone!
I wanted to post and ask anyone if you have been through this or have heard of it with fibro. Its not life threating just life's little annoyances!!!!...

So if it sounds like something you have delt with or dealing with could you tell me what you are doing to aliveate it. or get rid of it?

1. coughing...feels like a sticker is stuck in throth, This happens to me expecially at night when I get finally laid down.. another thing that triggers it is: if I lay on my left side. or if the fan is blowing cool air in my face..if its warm air it dont bother me..strange I know. when I go to coughing I all but throw up trying to get the "sticker" out.

2. My skin all over has started looking like I have a bad case of a sunburn that is healing and pealing! it is not on my face or torso so is mainly on my legs and arms..could this be the med's I am on for fibro? and exposure to sun? I alway's use lotion after my showers expecially since I have gotten older it doesnt make or break the bank.
The strange thing about this one is that its comes on then there are days its not there.

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