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Smile New Lexapro prescription

Hello. I recently began taking Lexapro 5 mg for my mood swings related to menopause. It has really made a difference for me. My mood stabilized, and I am able to focus on my own business.

I was losing sleep before taking the Lexapro, but since beginning the low dose, I sleep really well, and wake up without being grouchy.

I don't think I need a stronger dose. I was surprised to read about others who are taking quite larger doses.

My husband asked me to please consult my family doctor one weekend after I had a terrible mood swing that lasted about 3 days. I cried in the Dr.'s office, saying, "I have the most wonderful husband in the world, and he still loves me after the weekend." I was so glad I sought help, and was able to receive it in the form a small white pill!

I think it's great when we know to ask for help. There's nothing to be ashamed of when asking for help. My husband and I are so happy I did!

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