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Re: Neti Pot vs. Sinus Irrigation Bottle

Originally Posted by Howitt44 View Post
Using that you tilt your head and kind of pour the solution in one nostril and it runs out the other. Using my Irrigation bottle you lean your head over and squish the bottle so the solution is squirted up in your nose. What is the difference of one over the other?
Well, it seems like you just cited the difference! I use a Neti Pot (and thanks for reminding me, not often enough! ) Your description about the irrigation bottle doesn't sound appealing to me. The Neti Pot is very gentle but kobe is right -- if you put too much salt in it can burn so be careful! (And the water can't be too hot and the salt should not be iodized.) It's really a relatively small investment -- I'd give it a try for sure. It can take a bit of getting used to but if it doesn't come out of the other nostril easily, just tilt your head forward a bit more.

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