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Re: Insurance wrote letter, now doctor wont write scripts

Hi Madhatter: You brought up something interesting that really confuses me and I hope you can clarify. Before I ask you a question, I hope the OP comes back, I'm starting to worry what happened?

I see a pain mgt doc and I don't remember signing a opiate contract, but maybe I did; but are you saying, if I was in an accident and was sent to the ER, they couldn't give me pain meds? Or are you saying that if I went to the ER for pain (no recent injury or emergency surgery), and I asked them to write an rx they couldn't do that and I'm not suppose to ask either? How would the ER know I signed a contract?

I've never been to an ER, so hopefully I'll never have to get an rx there, but is that what your saying?

I've had several surgeries after starting with my pain mgt doc and of course the hospital gave me pain meds post op. Obviously this is new to me