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Re: Insurance wrote letter, now doctor wont write scripts

I signed a contract with my pm and to my understanding i am not allowed to ask or receive scripts from other doctors. I believe the ER would be different if you were receiving meds as an inpatient care situation. I think the contract states something more to the effect that you will only seek treatment for your pain from your pain doc. For instance you can't go to your primary and ask for additional meds for pain. I hope this somewhat answers your question. After my surgery i did receive minimal meds from the hospital to take home but before i filled them i called the doc to ask....If a person is honest and upfront with the doc everything will be fine. Another situation i had was that i got refered to a different pain clinic for a discogram and when i was about to leave they were going to write me a script for pain but i had the responsibility to tell them that i was under contract with my other doctor.
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