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Re: Insurance wrote letter, now doctor wont write scripts

OMG, this just happened to me this week with Cigna.

I will try and make this short. In January my PCP decided to take over my pain meds. I was with a pain doctor for over 8 years.

Anyway, my PCP wanted to change me to Avinza, well the conversion was WAY off and I went into withdrawals, I guess this scared her and she wanted me back in pain management ASAP.

I went to my appointment with my pain doctor. After signing in, the receptionist announced in front of a full lobby of patients and said "You have been dissmissed from this practice". I was so mortified and embarassed, I started to cry. The office manager took me in the back room to explain what happened. Apparently, CIGNA wrote a letter to pain doctor telling him I was getting my meds from PCP. No big deal, that was true. But, I WAS NOT getting meds from both doctors at the same time.

I am so upset now, because I need to be back in Pain Management and feel like I will be "blacklisted". Does that happen? I live in Florida and I have never been this scared before. Am I going to have a hard time now trying to get pain doctor??? I feel Cigna invaded my privacy!!! I can understand if I was getting meds from different doctors at the same time but, this is ridiculous.

I am now past due for refill on my Duragesic and going through withdrawals because of this crap. My PCP agreed to Rx a 30 day supply until I get into a new pain doctor but, its a holiday weekend and I am so screwed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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