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Re: Insurance wrote letter, now doctor wont write scripts

Man, oh Man!

Several people have mentioned it in various ways. I don't like the idea of "being watched". I guess I'm just paranoid.

Cpapp31, I live in Florida, too. The last time I looked (which was a while ago), we didn't have a Prescription Monitoring System--as I think they are called. AND...What makes this so weird for me is that I do everything "right". I use one doctor. I use the same pharmacy. I would rather lick the bottom of my shoe before going to the ER. NONETHELESS, THIS WHOLE THING IRRITATES ME. I know that I am just letting it worry me, but I get the feeling that it could lead to other things!!

I have very good insurance for the most part. My insurance company is Principal, and the Rx portion is always listed as "Advanced PCS" (through Principal, I assume). I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I pay $10 for a month's worth of generic medications. The only medicine I use that is not generic is Vytorin (for lipid stuff).

Again, the idea of this communication is bothersome. CPAPP31, THE IMMATURE PART OF ME WISHES YOU WOULD HAVE PLACED THAT RECEPTIONIST IN SERIOUS NEED OF HER OWN PAIN MANAGEMENT!! There is no reason for that behavior. If there was any problem, the office manager should have taken you back--before the receptionist made the scene--and asked you about the situation. After all, many of us have the innocent need to visit multiple doctors.

I'm not on a pain contract of any kind, but my pharmacist would eye me sort of funny if I walked in with too many opiate Rx's. Do you understand what I mean? Plus, my insurance would immediately let any pharmacy know about any OTHER pharmacy. When I had to get something filled while out-of-town (in a different state), the pharmacy questioned me about the medicines I just had filled prior to traveling. They said the Rx insurance cross-referrenced medications.

I'll say it one last time...I don't like the whole idea of the computerized big brother. I'll have to put a thicker amount of aluminum foil in my windows. That's what protects us, right? (I'm kidding, of course. If I'm not, please commit me.)

Finally, where on earth is letthatsinkin? I hope everything is OK with him! After all, we need an update.

Jon (Conductor)

P.S. IZZY'SMOM...I really hope that cup cakes are HOLY. That would give me a religious reason to ingest them in large quantities!

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