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Re: Insurance wrote letter, now doctor wont write scripts

For Conductor (and anyone else who may be interested!)

"Advance PCS" is the name of a Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) company. Most medical insurance companies do not administer their own pharmacy benefit program. Instead, they hire a company that specializes in the provision of pharmacy benefits in a cost effective manner. Principal must be the name of the medical portion of your insurance, while Advance PCS is the name of the pharmacy portion. Other large PBM companies include: Express Scripts, Goldnet, Argus, Merck Medco, Med Impact, and many, many others. PBM's control the purse strings and collect all the data. In my opinion they are the "Big Brother" of the pharmacy world and to make things even scarier most consumers don't even know they exists. Anyone who uses their pharmacy benefit on a regular basis should learn a little more about these incredibly powerful organizations.
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