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Re: Anyone have info on heavy metal posioning?

No sorry I don't. But I saw a tv show on Clay and charcoal uses where sometimes certain toxins are absorbed by or clinges to them when ingested and then later flushed out of the body.

Just thought it was something you could check into with your doctor.

Also I read something once that the amount of female hormones you have, allow for different absorbstion rates of minerals and metals. Females are more prone to than men of higher absorbtion of minerals and metals and chemicals, to which they speculated was for storing for later pregnancies, ect; To the effect that it was causing hypo thyroid in some and hyper thyroid issues in others. It all had to do with the right combination of metals (I think I remember copper was a factor) counter balancing too much absorption or too little absorption of what is needed. It was a long tech report that was way beyond me and not pertenint to what I was looking up, [removed]. So it seems to of been a study report that would not be widely known to all yet if it's accurate.
But something else to consider and investigate perhaps?
Good Luck


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