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Re: Most choosing painful traditional tonsillectomy! Laser undesirable?

I am 36, I didn't do any research, I was naive and presumed it was like going to the dentist or something. I only learned about post effects after the surgery and on this board. From day one with my ENT she started with the lazer proceedure as what she would do. I think I recall her saying why it was much better but again, I was aloof about it.

Now after it's all done I do recall looking back in my throat after day of surgery and when I could open my mouth it did look very professional. I did read somewhere on the web about the other proceedure and they said you don't need laser. When I first read the website I wondered if I did the right proceedure. Now I just went back to read it and I'm glad I did lazer because like most things you find on the web - one can confirm your beliefs, one can scare you, one can be for and one can be against what you are researching. Perhaps someone will reply to you that did not have lazer. All I can say is that I think either way you will be out of work for at least 7 business days. I went in on Thursday and today is Monday and I don't feel like going back until next monday. It's not because I can't get out of bed, it's because I think you are a bit more prone to irritation from environmental interaction. For example, my wifes parents came over yesterday. I went to say hi and after 20 minutes of them all talking I felt like the day after drinking - hungover, you know where you just want to relax because everyone talking is just to much to take in...

As far as other medical claims that are anti lazer, I disagree because I am doing fine. I think it's all based on each surgeons experience and decision. Heck, maybe in some cases the surgeon is not skilled on lazer and will say it is not as good because they don't offer the proceedure. Do you have a good ENT you trust? In fact, If I had researched I would be more prone to trust lazer because of how it burns off rather than other proceedures which seem to me could be ones that require more precision from the surgeon and tools used...