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Re: Just need to vent. . . . .yet again :-)

Hi - I had tears in my eyes when I was reading this thread because I am going through a similar situation except I'm already at the point where its toxic - my mother already lives in our home and you're so right - two women cannot live under the same roof. She's 87 and I'm 45 and its a living hell. She's helpful enough in that she does what she can while we're all at work - hubby and a 15 yo daughter and 13 yo son. But when we're all home she doesn't respect our space and feel like she should be on her own in her room or whatever. If I'm in the living room she's there - in the kitchen she's there - on the back patio she's there. Always telling me something that I'm not really interested in or interrupting a conversation with one of the kids. I try to ignore as much as I can but then she says I hate her. I could carry this on for pages but I'm fresh off a fight with her this morning and I'm still simmering. I wish she still lived on her own and I'm feeling quite mean right now for having the thoughts that I do. BTW - I'm an only child so I have no one to share this with and my hubby is pretty much over it. He doesn't get involved and just stays in our bedroom most of the time watching sports or whatever. I don't think counseling would help so maybe I'll read these boards and hopefully be able to share ideas with others in the same situation. Thanks for letting me vent as well.