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Re: Fatty Infiltration of Liver?

I also suffer from upper stomach pain a little to the right and out my back for 6 months. I have had ultrasounds, CT, endoscopy, colonoscopy, small bowel series, spinal xrays, HIDA scan. All normal except the ultrasound of the liver showed fatty liver. I was told it was common to stop any alcohol and it will go away. I was also told I had IBS !! I was concerned about my pancreas because of the pain. How long have you had your pain? Does it go to your back?

I was put on Zoloft, Xanax ( stress!!??) Librax and Nexium for stomach burning.
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I'm new to this section. Thank you in advance for your time!

I suffer from midline abdominal pain (chronic and breakthrough). Therefore I have had a decent amount of work-ups: Ultrasounds, Blood (maybe gallons at this point!), MRCP's, Endoscopies and a CT scan. Btw - I had my gallbladder removed 2 years ago ... unfortunately the pain didn't go away even though they found a 2.5 cm stone and said my GB was elongated (GB problems run in my family even though I'm a male of normal weight in my 30's). The CT Scan found "fatty infiltration of the liver" and a slightly dialated common bile duct.

I have had some post-op gallbladder removal issues (which seems common based on many posts) but this is the first time I have gotten a report of "fatty infiltration" of the liver. Can anyone explain what this might mean?

For meds, if it's pertinent, I take Ambien CR nightly (for sleep disorder - ok'd by doctors for nightly use), 0.5 Xanax before lunch (for post GB surgery digestive issues - it works for whatever reason) and I am on a combination of Vicodin (5/500 - usually 2-3 per day) and just started Neurontin (about to go up to 600 mg/d) for pain. Don't know if that helps, but I thought I'd include just in case.

Thanks everyone!