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Re: Just curious

Hi Tweiler,
Thank you so much for replying. The dryness is clearing up now and or it is not so noticiable at least..the sticker is a come and go thing still..I stay sooo thirsty all the time. So you think this is from my med's and you know I had my suspecion's too..I am on so many..well suposed to be..I cut them all down to 3 so far..mucle pain..10 mg flexeril, sleep...50mg Trazodone and bloodpressure...40mg Propranolol. My last appointment my doctor either up'd what med's I was already on then added some new one's for me to take until next appointment.
so I didnt know how they would affect me well I found out....

I am supposed to be taking: 1 50mg a day of spironolacto, 1-10mg Lisinopril a day,
1 tab twice a day of 50mg Atenolol...this one really made me act crazy and scared my hubby..hehe
Rhinoflex 50-500 tab 3 x's Daily, 1 tab 2x's day of Clonidine 0.1 mg...
Then there is tagement, and nexium..then there is the flaxseed oil 1000mg tabs, zink,mag,cal tabs. last but not least a puffer for when my chest hurts and its really hard to breath. 2 times a day..but I only use it when I really need it.

I dont have another dr appointment until july..I just couldnt take all tho's med even spacing them out.

I am med stupid and have to look them all up..then there is the side effects right? well I tried taking all these med for 2 days and the effects of then were very scary to say the least..I started hearing things on a constance which was very loud..(I tried looking this up and there is a word for it and then there is sksopherina...sp? I know I dont have this but it was very real problem....seeing things that I know for a fact was not there, heartracing and chest tightness and hurting(thought I was having a heart attack) wheres the spoon or call a ambulance now kind! loss of blader control, vision was on the blink in and out burryness and watery very unfocused felt like they were floating around in my head. dizzyness,confussion, unable to form sentencing...started talking real slow to have some control over what I was saying (which I didnt). very tired feeling which I am all the time anyway. and threw it all the pain and stiffness never went away..I think the meds numbed me but didnt fix nothing but gave me other stuff to worry about. in short they turned me into a walking,talking idiot who was stopped up and peeing on self. I plan on having a heart to heart with my doctor when that july appointment comes round!