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Originally Posted by desperate1 View Post
Hi there, I am new to this syndrome and these boards contain such valuable information. My doctors so far are of little help as they all say "they don't know much about chronic fatigue." They keep trying to put me on Elavil, which I took previously and it caused me to gain weight but I didn't get any positive effect from it. They have yet to offer me any other ideas for treatment, so I have been doing TONS of research on my own. This is difficult because I am so weak (muscle weak) and fatigued and have major brain fog (feels like my cognitive functioning has slowed to almost a halt), but I have come across some good sites.
I am wondering if anyone has taken any of the following for CFS, and if so, could you share your experiences? (I don't want to show up at a doctor's office and ask for any of these without being armed with a lot of info, for fear of looking like an addict trying to score pills or something!):
Ritalin, Dexadrine, Wellbutrin, Provigil, Phentermine, Cymbalta, Lonamin.
These are the ones I keep seeing come up in articles, so I am looking into them.
Hi, yes I've taken some of the meds you mentioned. I was on Ritalin for awhile as it works for some. It execerbated my anxiety and sort of made me feel like I crashed once it wore off. I found Phentermine caused jitters, but again I have anxiety issues. I was taking 6mg of Klonipin for the anxiety and they just counter acted it. I'm now down to 1-2mg of Klonipin daily so I'm shy to try them again. Actually, I'm going off my most my medications so I can try to get pregnant (not sure if that is smart or not but I guess it's something I feel I must do in my life at the age of 34.) I didn't find wellbutrin helpful and Cymbalta didn't improve my pain or other issues anymore than any other anti-depressant. I do suffer from depression that I believe is due to my CFS and FM. I took Effexor for many years and it worked good but I got tired of sweating all the time so now I'm on 300mg of Zoloft. It is working great of the depression but doesn't help with the other CFS and FM issues. I have also been on Fentanyl patches and found them very helpful for pain, I think 75mg is a great treatment level because much stronger and you can't stay awake from it or at least I can't. I'm on 25mg now and weaning off. I have also been on amitriptyline and trazadone at different times. I prefer to be on trazadone as the amitripyline makes me gain weight which is an issue already for me. I find sinement usefull for associated restless leg syndrome and detrol la great for the irritable bladder. I hope this is of some help. There must be others out there who've had experience with these medications too. I'm of the school I don't think mine has anything to do with yeast overgrowth, EBV (or any of the others they test for), or adreneal fatigue but I could be wrong!
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