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Re: Anybody Familiar with Hospice???

Thanks so much for your response, Cherie. As I reported on my other thread my brother seems to be doing better. He now has an appetite which he has been lacking for the past month or so AND is getting out of bed more. I even hear the difference in his voice when we are talking on the phone.

Just hearing how his past few days have been is such a relief....from what my SIL relays to me he is definitely doing better. I don't know if it is his overall condition OR the relief he is getting with the morphine??? Of course our entire family has been praying for a miracle and perhaps this is the beginning of one. There is always hope until we have none left to have....right???

Thanks again for your support.

Love ~ Goody

PS ~ I am sorry about the loss of your mom and hope that the pain of not having her here with you lessens as time goes by. It is my belief that love transcends all distance and time and hopefully that thought will comfort you.