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Unhappy I Feel like I'm going downhill

I started a new thread, as I didn't think it was fair to moan about how I am feeling on singers thread, after all she's going through!!

Over the last month I have been feeling worse in myself, I have fluid retention in my left hand and arm, leg and foot, this has gotten worse and worse.

A few days ago my swollen abdomen (from my spleen) went from looking like I was six months pregnant to nine months, and the pain is so bad

I woke up yesterday with pins and needles in my left hand and a pain going across my chest, it appeared to last for ages, I thought is it a heart attack? No just bad pain, I howled out in pain and my hubby just looked so helpless, I have also been experiencing pain on the right side of my abdomen as well as my left, and either side of my groin is so painful and my lower back, I'm just not sure what is going on anymore.

I cried last night and woke up my husband, I tend to wake him up most nights as I scratch that much I make the bed bounce, and he's like don't scratch you'll make it worse, and i end up shouting you don't understand what it's like it makes me go mad, the itching won't go away no matter how hard I dig in and scratch, and it's worse with the night sweats.

I get so angry with everyone I have no patience anymore I don't even have the concentration to watch a program, what's happening to me?

My abdomen is rock hard on the left side, and I can't go to hospital, as they don't know what to do with me, I just want to curl up and close off the outside world.

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