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Re: I Feel like I'm going downhill

I just got back from the hospital & oh my goodness....YES....
Please go get another opinion. My niece is a nurse and talks about all the differences there are between doctors --not only "bedside manner," but expertise, as well. I asked her last night how "they" would have ever found out I had Hodgkin's, had NOT my collarbone lymph node swelled, and she said---"Unless you have extensive tests like you've had---they probably wouldn't have!" Fortunately, or unfortunately, I'm where I'm at--and my lymphoma is manageable---Thank God. I'm starting a new post and will fill you in---but, this is about you, Fairy-lights.....BE PERSISTANT. You are very symptomatic and something is awry somewhere. There's someone or somebody out there, that has all your answers. You just need to seek them out. I wish I knew more.....Until then, you're in my prayers.
p.s. Listen to Ails... I think she knows what she's talking about

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