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Re: Just curious

Hey Blue,
Just to ease your mind I did call my doctors office..the receptionist there tells me that there is nothing she can do but, pull my file and have the doctor call me...the doctor never calls..I have only called the office 3 times and each time it was over all this med side return calls period from doctor..last visit I questioned that and the receptionist told me they tried to contact me but, was unable to reach me. both my daughters live out of state and they have no problem reaching husband works outta town and he has no problem calling and checking on me. I dont want to be ugly but I am getting a little bit ticked about this..its just I dont want to take a fast car to the emergency room..know what I mean? because if its gonna happen it will no doubt happen on a sunday or after hours and since I dont get out much my battery on my little fistiva will no doubt be dead as a door nail....just my luck.

since cutting down on the meds that were not working or creating problems..I am happy to say I have had almost a week of feeling close to what I remember I once was. and I remembered how to laugh!