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Re: sinatra protocol/ Dr Mayhill


I am a stickler for details and followed the Sinatra Protocol "cocktail" to the T.
I have had great results. To the point that I can go to the gym 2-3 times per week and work out for an hour on the machines. Nothing aerobic though- I just cant do that type of thing yet. But I can/am rebuilding my muscle mass.

I am totally thrilled with the response my body has had.

My white candida tongue? Gone. Which surprises me considering the sugar intake with the protocol, so maybe the body utilizes it differently.

I planted 400 trees with my sister in the first week I used it. I took breaks and took the D ribose throughout the day. Each time I take it I eat a carb along with it- gluten free bread etc... otherwise I get diarrhea and dizzy, fyi.

I sleep through the night, dont have to get up repeatedly to pee. As a matter of fact one of the weird things I have noticed is a dramatic increase in thirst. I drink water a lot now. I mean a LOT more water.

And I am losing some of the weight I have put on in the last 5 yrs while being sick with the CFS.

However I have also relapsed once this last month for 5 days. I went along with it, but I was in bed for 18 hours one day. Just totalled out. Im thinking that I probably over did things....duh. ANd since then I have scaled back again to less exertion and remembering to listen to my body. My thighs start aching terribly when I need to stop. They are my "canary".

I know three other people with CFS o the protocol, who are having mixed results. All have been helped, but to varying degrees. I am definately the only one who is "thriving" due to it. But will invite them here if it means we can have some serious dialogue about how to improve the cocktail even more.

I know there have been other improvements, but Im a little pooped right now and cant remember all the changes I have felt. Mostly I wanted to make contact with others on the protocol and see how they have been doing as well.

Good to meet you finally- Connie

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Hi - I've started a similar thread, as I'm following a similar treatment offered by Dr Myhill. I'm also getting good results. I'd be interested to hear what you're treatment entails, how much you 'stick' to it, how symptoms have improved etc.

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