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Re: sinatra protocol/ Dr Mayhill

Hi- Id be happy to give you any info ad share info. Let me know if there is something missing. I saw that you take the Dribose more times than three a day? Oi... I dont know if I could remember that!


Good grief- my files are corrupted. My Dr info list ( everytihng I take and have done) is corrupted. I will have to deal with that later.

I am gluten free (Barley, rye, oats, wheat)
Casien & lactose intolerant, so no dairy at all.
Multiple allergies now (inhaled, food and contact) which I take immunotherapy shots for weekly.
Cross reactive allergies as well.
I take 17 grams DRibose (3 doses per day of 6 grams with a carb food) I rest 1/2 hour when I take it before going back out to work.
Slo-Mag morning and at night (256 mgs mag/636mgs calcium/chloride 900mg)
Niacinimide 500 mgs
CoQ10 400 mgs

I take the following suppliments
multi, b complex, c, omega 3, E, ginko, lutien, others...

I kept to Teitelbaums protocol as I dealt with the illness. It didnt do much, but it did no harm either.

The Sinatra protocl has
stopped my heart palpitations which could keep my up all night.
I no longer crackle after a nap.
I sleep deeper and more restfully
I have sustained energy periods of about 3 hours
I also have had periods of NO dyslexia. But I dont know if this is atributable to the SP or not.


QUOTE=Maenad;3017634]that's great news - and I'm more than familiar with the overdoing-it-at-first-sign-of-health etc. Would you mind listing exactly what you take, the amounts, timings, combinations etc.? If you like I'll do the same - also, sounds like you're gluten/wheat free - again, I'd be interested to hear if this is part of your treatment.[/QUOTE]