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Re: Anybody Familiar with Hospice???


My Mom was on Hospice the last 10 days she lived and that is the only experience we have had with them. But when we seen that she was not gonna make it because the Doctors had already told us, we went ahead and started preparing her funeral arrangments because it does make it so much easier than having to run do it when they pass away. Let me tell you what the Man told me that worked for the funeral home! He said that if we let Hospice take over that they would put her on Morphine and a Nerve Medicine which they did and he said that she wouldn't last 10 days from the time they took over. But I couldn't just let him tell me that. I had to let the Doctors do what ever they needed to do to make her as comfortable as they could and they did make her comfortable. They did put her on Morphine and she lasted only 10 days from the day they took over. bUt I really feel that they are there to help the patient, not hurt them. I could tell a big difference in the way that my Mom was breathing after they put her on the Morphine. It helped her and that is all that mattered to me was her. They were so good to all of the family also. If we wanted to call them and just ask the Hospice Preacher to come out and talk to us he was there. I think they are great.

I wish your brother a lot of luck! Maybe they can make him comfortable because we don't want to see them struggle do we?

Take care