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Re: Living in the past?

Hi Vray,

I can relate to that fully - I have been for a long time very down and hard on myself - beating myself up emotionally over the mistakes I have made, the bad choices I have made - always looking at the negatives cant see the positives and the good I have done - even down to the really small things. I look at myself as a bad person for this and judge myself by my very hard standards - different standards than for other people - I have the belief that I must be perfect.

You are probably not to the same extent as me but all I can see are past mishaps and can not as yet look to the future so much so that I am letting it spoil and ruin the present day - I am down, sad and depressed and not living for the moment and enjoying it.

I am now taking steps to have counselling to change this way of thinking and I have found exercises on the internet and in books that help me to change a negative into a positive and replace all these past memories with positive ones.

Warm wishes x x