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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

hi. have you seen a pain managemnt doctor? it sounds like you have cronic regional pain syndrome or reflex sypothetic distrophy. if a doc accused me of faking, i would not return to him a probably report him. that is awful. i have rsd. i have not had a doctor that thought i was faking but did see mant that said nothing was wrong. when i was going to pt, i met a pt who had experience with rsd and she said that was what i had and recommended i see a pm doc. i was there for 5 min and he agreed. this took 3 months after my injusy which accured during a cervical spine fusion. if you haven't found a pm doc, i suggest you try one. if you have and he says your faking, find another. there are many docs who do not know or understand crps/rsd unfortunately. i hope you have success in finding the right help. it can make all the difference in the world. good luck and feel better...patti