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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

I am so sorry that this has happened to you.
I have pain in my lung after a bout with pneumonia in '03. My pulmonologist told me that I cannot have pain in my lung. It hurts when I breathe!
BITE ME!! Sorry....he made me very angry because he started talking about when I lived in Italy and chatted me up and acted like we were best friends and then went into the 'you can't have pain' stuff. My primary is the best and I love her to pieces! She believes me. My pm calls it subclavicular(under my collarbone) pain...not lung pain. I don't care what they's my lung.

I'm going to the doc this week and am going to ask to start over...xrays, ct, mri...pulmonary...I haven't had an xray since '03. I'm wondering if I have valley fever...that's my newest idea.

Sorry to vent all over your thread. I'm sure that I'm not the only other person hear who has had a doc *&%$ them off. I would talk to your primary about the visit and clarify that yes, you do have pain and you would like him/her to help you find out how do deal with it. I hope it's not rsd but if it is you need a doc who knows about it. My hubby has pain after a calcaneus fracture and three surgeries....but that's another story. I understand how horrible foot pain is.
Good luck to you~Mush
undiagnosed lung and back pain after pneumonia in '03, tmj, migraines,(two failed surgeries for) Kienbock's disease