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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

The doctor is a jerk. Plain and simple. Don't go back, and even file a complaint with your insurance company against him if he didn't do anything but insult you.

Not all doctors are professional, intelligent or even deserve to be practising. They are people too, and as with everyone, some are good people and some are just a-holes. Doctors are no different, it's just that some of them think they're above you, are very arrogant and self glorified.

I went to a doctor once who told me that he didn't believe that I was in pain, and that he "had seen much worse". I didn't waste another moment of my time after that. I just kinda chuckled and got up and walked out of his office without saying a word.
My point is, don't let it get to you. The guy was a moron who obviously didn't know what he was talking about. Just because he is a doctor doesn't mean that he is right, or that his opinion suddenly means that you are not in pain or a liar.

Many, many doctors, in fact the majority of them (imo) don't take people that are suffering from chronic pain seriously. They view them as drug seekers and addicts without giving them a chance. It is no differnet than racism, actually, just in a differnt form. That is the truth.

I'm an addict, now. I wasn't always an addict when it came to pain meds, that came with time. But, when my initial problem happened to me with my back, which resulted in surgery, I had a very hard time finding a doctor who would listen to me and take me seriously. In fact, the first pain managment doctor I went to flat out accused me of being a drug seeker because I told her I had been on Tramadol before and I didn't want to use it again as a pain treatment regiment (like she wanted to) because it was ineffective, previously, and there was no point in trying it again. She said that if I was asking for a specific drug, or denying what she was offering, that I obviously had abuse in mind and she would write her report to my family doctor, which she did, and which we both read over when he got it and both agreed she was wrong and obviously prejudiced and biased.

It happens a lot, trust me.

I think the problem is that there are a lot of addcits out there, but not 90% of people in pain are addicts like they think. Also, most of the addicts weren't addicts in the first place, that came over time, but is also a natural and human repsonse to narcotic pain relievers. All medical professionals agree that they are highly addictive, but they act like you're Hitler if you become addicted. Nice, huh?

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