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Re: lymph nodes?

it is so good to hear back from you kate star ansd that you're exam went well. it wasn't that bad, right?
it's important to do self breast exams every month. I'm sure you're aware of this, right?
pick a date every month after your mensus, not before, beause the denstity of the breast changes with your cycle.
If you're breasts feel lumpy and they're always that way, get used to where they're lumpy, this way if any new lumps appear, then you'll know to alert your dr and they'll do follow up.
I'm trying to instill this into my daughters, but they don't listen to me.
it's soooo important. and there's this false myth that mamograms hurt.
maybe for some if they're breasts are tender, but it's not so awful as to being told you have breast cancer up the road becuse they're too afraid to suffer alittle uncomfortbleness during a mammogram.

I didn't ask how old you are because i didn't want to put you on the spot.

I'm 46 and have been getting tested yearly since i was in my 30's. due to my sisters having hade breast cancer.

good luck on your journey of good health.
and thanks for keeping in touch wiht a follow up.