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Re: So sensitive to meds--anybody with luck going holistic?

hi Hope, sounds like you have several things going on simultaneously and your sensitivities could be from a variety of things. Nonetheless, in response to your post, I for one have tried just about everything I think. For the past six months I have been spending half of my monthly retirement on aggressively pursuing alternative/holistic care.....after having pursued traditional western medicine care for about 5 years or more....where not only did I not improve, but got worse, and acquired 3 boughts of tolerance dependency problems with RX meds along the way. I have been doing the vitamin/supplement routine as well as twice weekly acupuncture, acupressure massage, physical therapy, and chiropractor....including bio-cranial adjustments. The acupuncture has helped with the chronic fatigue, but less effective (so far) with pain. The combination of acupuncture and chiropractor the day after seems like it may be boosting the effectiveness but still too soon to know as I have only started that particular scheduling regimen 2 weeks ago trying to surpass the plateau I seem to have landed and been stuck on for the past month or so. I have posted further info on the acupuncture on a separate thread on this FM Board; interesting successful study by the Mayo Clinic on significant effectiveness of acupuncture with FM. Also check out the Malic Acid post; the stuff helps.