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addicted to adderall

Hi, im new here and am looking for some help. I have been taking adderall XR for about 2 years for ADD. I am suppose to take 30xr twice a day and for about the last six months I have found myself growing a tolerence. I am now up to taking 120mg a day. I realize I need to stop. I will be out of pills on monday and i have made an appointment with a substance abuse counselor for tuesday morning. Since I have taken all my perscription I will be forced to stop cold turkey and im really nervous. I find that even if I could taper off that I wont because I have such a strong urge to take more. I have tried to stop before, but went back to taking it because I would get extremely tired and depressed. Can anyone tell me what to expect from the withdrawal? How long does it usually last? I've heard anywhere from a couple days to a couple months. I would like some feedback from someone that has experienced this. I do work fulltime and am wondering if I should take some time off. Any advice on how to deal with the withdrawals would be great as well.


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