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Re: An update

Amber hon,
You need to talk to your husband and explain to him what you went through while you were away. And what your daughter went through. Make him understand, that it was hard for you. You have been holding things together for your daughter while you've been away, it's time for him to take over that pressure and let you unwind. No doubt he is going through alot as well right now, but you've been doing the worst recently with all the tests, and you need a break. If no one will give it to you Amber, then go ahead and take it. Do what you have to, so you can have some "space" from the past days of watching your daughter go through all that. Even if it's just a couple of hours shopping to yourself and a coffee....anything, okay? And then just try and enjoy some time with your family away from hospitals. I'm so sorry you didnt make it home to some of your friends, but you should make it a priority in the near future. Putting yourself last All of the time is a recipe for disaster and in the end, will have the opposite effect of what you want, as you will be resentful. I'm glad you guys are at least getting a break from "tests"....I hope things will be a little calmer now that you're home.
And as always Amber, you know where to find us when you need us!
God bless girl!