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Unhappy Establishing a pattern through chemo (?)

Hi All,

I had the roughest day/afternoon/night yesterday & the day before, since the beginning of my chemo. My question for the forum is:

Does anyone know...Is there a "pattern" throughout your chemo---?
Like, Day # 1, was not too bad... Day #2, tolerable...aches & pains.... Day #3 same as Day #2, etc... I noticed that my 5th & 6th day, due to stomach upset, was "the pits." --Totally crappy day, spent completely in bed.
I could function earlier, somewhat, until it hit my stomach---that achey, nauseous feeling affected EVERYTHING! I even had a hard time with a bland diet---I tried (yuck) mashed potatoes, crackers, gingerale,---the ONLY thing that saved my life last night, were fruit popsicles! The coldness felt great, too.

What I'm wondering about, is: Will this pattern happen again after the next chemo? I really wish I could establish a pattern, because maybe that way, not only will I be able to treat it properly with med's, but I'll know more what to expect.

Thanks. Any input, I'd appreciate, as I'm trying to retain as much of my life-before-chemo as I can. I'm feeling much better today, but as I type, I'm aware of the grumbling, gurgling in my tummy & praying that it's not another "down" day. (sigh) I guess it may be another fruit popsicle day.


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