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Re: Post-polio and knee replacement

Hi - I have PPS but have not had knee surgery. My knee locks quite a bit but not everyday and the Physiatrist said as long as it was not in pain no surgery... But I do have a friend that just had hip surgery and has PPS- she is slow at healing like many of us PPSers - So take baby steps and just know that it takes a long time to heal. The brace should help especially when the muscles are weak.. I have an left AFO and now using crutches.

I was just recently dx'd with PPS(but I kind of new something was happening for awhile) - I have atrophy of the left quad and that is the leg I had the Polio in.

Hang in there, things will get better- do you have a good Polio doctor? They are so hard to find.

Hugs to you Janet (Polio at age 4)