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education neglect

My older sister lives on the 2nd floor of an apartment house. The couple downstairs have a 9 yr old boy. my sister noticed that he doesn't go to school or go outside much. One day my sister ran into the boy's mother & asked her why he doesn't go to school. She said he has peanut allergies & she home schools him. my sister thought the boy was about six years old because he's small & has trouble forming sentences. He's also very hyperactive. The mother said he's at 5th grade level in all subjects. My sister's deck is right above theirs & she can hear what they talk about. She didn't mean to eaves drop but couldn't help hearing because the boy talks very loud. The boy would stuggle with reciting the alphabet and definatly cannot read because he asks his mother to read everything. the boy would also cry when seeing kids go to school and asks his mother why he can't go. His mother responds by telling him the kids will push him & pull down his pants and *gasp* rape him. My sister also hears their TV on early moring till late night & hears the mother gabbing on the phone constantly. My sister is not a nosey person at all. But her heart sinks seeing this boy not get a proper education. She wants to call DSS but doesn't know how to go about it. What should she do? Sorry if this post was too long.

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