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Re: Only made it 11 days

Don't give up, Amanda! You went out and bought a pack of smokes. You had ONE bad day. Why are you giving up all of your hard work? No one is perfect. Did having a smoke make you feel better? Did it fix your sadness, your feelings of grim, of depression? If it didn't, put the pack back in the garbage and get BACK ON TRACK. You'd made it 11 days! You had one slip-up. Not the end of the world in the least.

You have joined us. You wouldn't have come to these boards and wrote what you did if you weren't in the non-smoking gang. Think about your motivation for your quit. Was it your kids, money, health? Think about how far you'd come with 11 days. You had a small relapse. It happens. Some say without relapse, there can be no success. You've smoked now and feel awful physically. Now would be the perfect time to realize you can do this!

Don't wait!!! You can do it