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Re: Severely depressed son denies depression

Originally Posted by mtnmom62 View Post
My 18 year old son is seriously depressed. He has no motivation, , sleeps most of the day, hardly leaves the house, eats very little and is extremely skinny as a result (his former therapist says that he has an eating disorder) and he seems sad much of the time. He feels that the world is hopelessly doomed and often makes such statements as "it doesn't make any difference if I am here or not" or "the world wouldn't change if I weren't around". He asks for nothing and hasn't in years. It is almost as if he tries to be invisible. He was abused at his dad's house who lived in another state before I got custody of him at the age of 14. Counseling didn't help. He insists that he isn't depressed that he is just LAZY. He has never worked (because when he goes in for a job interview he puts off as much energy as Eeyore). I am a single mom who is living in poverty with my younger son who has bipolar disorder and I am not getting any financial support for him. Don't know what to do. Some ppl say that I should kick him out of the house but I literally think that he would probably just kill himself if I did that..and I couldn't bring myself to do such a thing to him anyway. Any ideas??? I want to get him help. But the last counselor that I took him too stopped after just 6 weeks because she didn't think that he was "working" hard enough.

This almost puts me in tears. Your son doesn't even realize that he is very depressed; and you know, a lot of people will tell him that he's just "lazy". He isn't.

Stick has a point: He won't get better if he doesn't know he's depressed; he also won't get better if he sees a therapist and doesn't allow him/her to help him.
Legally, you can have him get the help he needs by having him placed in a hospital. Stick is right.

As for your bipolar child, are you getting any disability for him? You said you were "living in poverty" -- I wonder if maybe applying for disability may help you out (if you haven't done so already)???