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Re: What do you all think about chiropractic treatment to lower HBP?


If I had a quarter for every claim that was made for chiropractic cures, I would be a VERY rich man today. Yes, some even claimed they could cure cancer with manipulations.
When I see a good controlled study of the beneficial and relatively risk free effect of Atlas manipulation on the BP and this study duplicateable (sp?), then I will believe this jillionth claim of chiropractic's wonders.

THere ARE some people who suffer various conditions because the size of the entry hole into the cranium is too small...surgical resizing of this hole has been beneficial...but my memory is hazy on this and I don't know if it's still being pursued, or even what the conditon was big news about 5 years ago.

There is almost NOTHING worth risking a stroke or full body paralysis for, IMHO. I REALLY, REALLY think it is too dangerous to contemplate. Peruse anying like the "dangers of neck manipulation" and you'll find some scary stuff.

A large group of Canadian clinical neurologists , all certified members of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, have issued a warning to the Canadian public and provincial governments about the dangers of neck manipulation, warning that stroke and death due to neck manipulation has been reported in the scientific literature for over 50 years and that manipulation is one of the LEADING causes of stroke in the under 45-age group. In fact they recommended that any young people presenting with stroke symptoms be quizzed about recent neck manipulations.

The state has long used Atlas manipulation in the judicial was called HANGING! <I COULDN'T resist!>

If you DO want to try it, make sure you make yourself an "informed consumer" all you can on the pros and cons. MAke it SUPER informed because of the potential horrors. (I'd happily take a bullet to the head rather than paralysis.)

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