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Ears feel blocked, pressure, and a feeling that my hearing has been reduced slightly

My ears feel constantly blocked, and there's a constant feeling of pressure inside. I also feel like my hearing has been compromised a little bit. This is odd because, exactly a week ago I had a hearing test and my ENT said my hearing was fine.

Then again, the blocked sensation just started a few days ago and it's one from a long list of symptoms that started a little over a month ago. First my ear canal was red and sore along with ear pain. I was treated for ear infection. The soreness went away but the dull ear pain still lingered. I went to another doctor and he said that some of the infection is still there so he prescribed stronger ear drops and amoxicillin tablet antibiotics.

The pain wasn't as frquent anymore, however instead I felt sensitivity to loud noise which went away after a few days only to be replaced by a sense of reduced hearing. Anyway, I visited an ENT specialist last friday and he told me that there's nothing wrong with me and that I *may* have TMJ or that it could be a cochlear concussion since I had been exposed to loud music the night before all this started. he said that it definitely wasn't loud music and after he conducted a hearing test concluded that my hearing was perfect.

That still doesn't explain why my ears are going all whacky on me. Now they feel full and I have to keep popping them though even when I pop em it still feels full. There's alot of pressure in there as well, with a feeling that my hearing has gone down a bit.

Can anyone relate to this? How did you guys deal with this? One thing to note is that 2-3 weeks before the first episode of ear pain started, I had a case of seasonal allergies and ended up with sinusitis which is odd because I never have seasonal allergies. This is my first year, but apparently allergies were really bad in NJ this year.

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