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Re: I have a question

Honestly, too many times to count. Every New Year's for the last 20 years? Every nasty cold in the last 20 years? A couple of vacations, thinking it would be a good time while my surroundings were different and it would be difficult to smoke?

The most I'd ever made it was about three weeks. I'd used the patch and a behavior modification program. What lured me back to smoking was depression. I'd just felt like I'd lost my identify and my best friend when I quit -- and it took a few weeks for this to settle in.

Since that was my most successful attempt, I'd prepared for that depression before this quit. Every day, I do something new, something a bit different than I did as a smoker. I need to replace those feelings of my "old identity" with something new. Examples are things I hated doing as a smoker, i.e., going to the movies, going on walks, enjoying "indoor" things knowing I won't be looking for an opportunity to go outside for a smoke (FL doesn't allow smoking indoors anymore -- except for alcohol-only bars).

Also, I can still only deal with it by taking it one day at a time. I just have to get through today.

Seems to be working so far!