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Exclamation Need help ladies....


Im posting on this board because i need help with my girlfriend and im hoping maybe you ladies here could give me an idea as to what to do about her.

Ok my girlfriend is 18 and im 22, we have been together for a year and 6 months.We started having sex about 2 months into our relationship and it was great.She would constantly talk about wanting to make love to me like everyday, even though we only got to really do it maybe once a week because of we both were still with our parents so getting the chance to was kinda hard.She would always seem to be looking forward to us making love almost as much as me, maybe even as much.We would also make-out alot and just really get into kissing when we did kiss.Well everything was like this up until around X-mas or so.She just seems to have slowly stopped saying things like "i want to make love to you so bad", and she doesnt make-out with me anymore, and she doesnt seem to look forward to having sex like she did this time last year.I mean she doesnt even mention it at all anymore.

The last few times ive brought up wanting to make love to her, she turned it around and started asking me if thats all i ever think about.I do say random things here and there about wanting to make love to her, most of the time its a situation where she is nude or trying on somthing new she got, and ill tell her how sexy she is and that i want to make love to her.I say it as a way to let her know i think she is beautiful and that she turns me on, and yes somtimes i would really like to make love to her right there.But i mean it isnt all i think about.And ive been saying these things for as long as we have been having sex.So i dont know if that is anything to do with it or not.

When we kiss its quick, like im in a rush kinda kises.Even though we may be doing nothing but sitting on the couch watching tv or somthing.Ive recently started to try and make-out with her when we kiss, but we kiss for a sec or 2 and then she finds somthing to distract her and she pulls away.

I now feel like if i bring up wanting to make love to her, she will get mad and start saying thats all i think about.So im afraid to try to ingnite sex by kissing on her or anything like that because im so scared that it will end up making her mad at me again.I cant really just bring this up to her because once again, she would start thinking that its all i think about.It is all i think about now because i cant figure out why she is being this way now.

I know she loves me it isnt that, and i know she isnt cheating on me, i just dont know what is causing her to act like this.She started Birth Control in November but its Lo dose and i dont think that is it either.Last night she started talking about how she doesnt feel good about herself and she thinks she is fat and ugly.I tell her all the time how beautiful she is and she isnt fat at all, i mean she really isnt.She is about to start her period in a couple of days and that always makes her feel fat and stuff, but she hasnt been like this about it before.

I love her to death and i plan on spending my life with her, but the way she is being with this stuff is killing me.I want her to be like she was about things before, i want her to start talking about it like she did before.I want to make love to her and her be excited about it again, instead of acing like thats all i want her for.

Can any of you ladies give me a clue as to what may be causing her to be like this, is it me?, or is there somthing going on with her?.Please help me figure out what might be wrong with her. Thank you so much!

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