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new beta results...should i be worried?

I had my first beta on 6/7 and it was 8300. Based on my O date (May 14), on 6/7 I was 5 weeks 3 days. I had my seccond beta 48 hours later on 6/9 (at 5 weeks 5 days) and it was only 12,500. I am nervous that it didn't double. My doctor didn't seem to concerned and told me it is rising "normally" for a "normal" pregnancy. I have read some sites that state that when you approach 6 weeks or when your number hits 6000, the levels take longer to this true?

I have not had any spotting and have had the usual mild cramping since week 4. My breasts are still tender, I am still bloated, and urinating often. The only concerning thing is that I was nauseous for three days last week (T, W, TH), but that went away. Does m/s come and go? Or should I be worried?

I will be 7 weeks tomorrow (Monday) and have an ultrasound on Thursday. I know I should be patient and wait it out, but I am SOOOO nervous as this is my first pregnancy!

Any advice???

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