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Re: Living with a Depressed Wife

Can you maybe talk to your wife's therapist/psychiatrist? I mean, it would have to be O.K. with your wife. Would she let you? I mean, tell her you care about her and would like to know how you can help her out more. My husband did a session with my therpist a long time ago and ever since then he's been much more supportive and understanding (not that you haven't been, but my husband has always said that meeting with the people who treat me has been a good thing). Just thinking maybe the people helping her would help you understand what's going on with her better... And give you some ideas on how to help her without getting yourself down.

Also, yes... This is a good place for support... For you AND for her. If you'd like to stay here with us, just tell her to do an Internet search for mental health forums. There are many other sites she could go to. I think you need a place to vent too... And we're here to help. Hang in there, k?

Hugs ~ Sly
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