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Re: What do you all think about chiropractic treatment to lower HBP?

Originally Posted by 2muchdrugs28 View Post
Hi all,
I recently read an article about a study that showed chiropractic treatment can lower HBP. It invovled a special procedure to adjust the atlas vertebrae, which are located near the base of the skill.... The only reason that I have paid attention to this study is because a MD, not a chiropractor, conducted the study and reported the results....
I briefly reviewed the literature and found info on the study I believe you are describing....what I learned was:

1. 50 subjects participated in the study, 25 received treatment and 25 did not
2. only people with early stage hypertension participated in the study
3. the study lasted 8 weeks

Based on this info, I see LOTS of problems and have LOTS of questions. My thoughts are that a study of 50 people is not statistically significant--in other words there weren't enough people participating for meaningful results. Given this small sample it was impossible to test this treatment on men, women, whites, blacks, well people, sick people, young people, old people, etc.---this is important because some populations react differently than other populations do to treatment.

Early stage hypertension can be "treated" sucessfully (as is documented with numerous legitimate studies) with lifestyle changes that cost nothing---why pay money to see a chiropractor for treatment that has not been tested thoroughly and that my be risky?

A study that lasts only 8 weeks tells us very little about the short term and long term effects of treatment.

Some more thoughts...just because a study is done doesn't mean the results are reliable. One has to look at the data and look for flaws in the study--- One also has to look at the funding source for the study as that too can influence results. And although a doctor may or may not be associated with the study, keep in mind that the doctor's comments/interpretations may or may not be recorded accurately or in context, and or used with permission. Just because something is in print doesn't mean it is accurate or true.


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