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Lamictal questions...

Hi friends,

For those of you who are doing well taking Lamictal, I am interested in knowing how long after starting this med did it take to have a therapeutic effect for you? How does the medication make you feel - calmer? able to think more clearly? Does it help prevent mania, in addition to depression? Has anyone been taking a combo with Lamictal for a long time with success?

My husband is on lithium and in his fourth week of taking Lamictal. I have just noticed over the past 4 days that his demeanor has changed (in a good way!) - he seems calmer, more receptive to conversations and able to communicate better, he isn't as argumentative and seems to be able to handle stress he's feeling in a more constructive way. He's mentioned that he thinks he is "thinking a little more clearly". He even admitted (for the first time ever and he was dx 3 yrs ago) that his BP probably has caused most of the conflict in our life. This is the FIRST time he's acting as though he's not in total denial that he is BP (although I don't want to jump for joy yet) and actually acknowledged that...PROGRESS!

I am just happy that he seems to be doing better, therefore there has been improvement for all of us.

I would love to hear more about this medication and how it works for you.


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