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Re: Lamictal questions...

I've been on Lamictal for a loooonnnngggg least it seems that way to my seventeen-year-old self. At least a year. But anyway, it originally took me to 100mg. before it was therapeutic (can't remember how many weeks but I started with the starter pack). Then I took myself off of it (stupid teenage decision) and didn't tell my pdoc until I'd been off of it for about two weeks so then I had to start from scratch again because of the rash issue. >_> Anyway, that time it took me up to 200mg. and now I'm on 400mg. but it does help with both mania and depression, but is better known for working on depression. It was the first mood stabiliser I was put on and I've stuck with it for the most part - except when my stupid self decides that I'm "better"...not doing that again, I hope. At first, it worked on its own, but then I had anxiety problems so went on Ativan during the day and Klonopin at night...then switched to just Klonopin - day and night. Right now I'm on Klonopin, Seroquel, and Lamictal. I'm thinking that I need to switcht he Seroquel out for something else because I've been on it since mid-March and still am having side effects (tired all day mostly), which doesn't help with school, work, etc. But as far as Lamictal goes, it's a wonder drug for me. It's the main stabiliser I'm on and I think I need another one, but that's mainly due to my changing hormones as a teenager that it keeps changing...or I might be totally off. Either way, Lamictal works. Even though it tastes nasty. >.< I have to take it with milk 'cause it's a thicker liquid and it can block out the taste. Anything else, I end up choking because of the nastiness...

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