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Re: Lamictal questions...

Hi Tsohl,

I was hoping to hear from you!

You know, out of all the mood stabilizers out there, I asked the pdoc if he could try Lamictal based on so many positive experiences I keep reading about. I knew that your son has done well taking it, and countless other people, although I know different meds work for different people. Anytime the meds are tweaked, it could go either way, so I've been a little nervous.

I do think the Lamictal is starting to help him though. He is just starting the 100 mg pills and goes to see his pdoc this week. I definetely see a difference and I think he sees a little one as well.

The biggest leap that I have seen is when he and I were talking over the weekend and he did seem to have more awareness and mentioned that he thought the new med may be helping him 'see things more clearly'. This whole time, if he would just accept, it would make things much easier.

Luckily, he does not drink often. I worry more about when we are in a social situation (such as the family wedding/reunion we have coming up in Canada in August) where there is alcohol readily available and everyone else is having a good time with it. He used to be fine and there was never a problem, but this is something I've noticed become a problem over the past couple of years and since his dx. Even small amounts of beer will change him (and not for the better). There was one incident when we were overseas visiting friends/family last year where he drank so much out one night that he appeared manic (very hyper and talking too fast, etc..) and ended up throwing up all over my friends' home (very embarrassing). He is aware that he needs to either abstain or limit his intake, but what scares me is not only that it's not good to mix with his meds, but that his meds don't seem to be effective after he has had too much to drink. I know the therapist is working with him on this. I think therapy is helping him progress as well (I would hope so after this long!)

This part is probably me, I am definetely an optimistic person, but with the road as long as it has been, I'm a bit hesitant to accept if this is "it" or not, and a little scared to take anything for granted. We should know soon, and I have never stopped praying. He is so much more pleasant to be around and seems to be returning to the man I fell in love with all those years ago.

Tsohl, thank you so much...

I hope things are going well for you and your family.


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