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Re: Lamictal questions...

4Support ~ One thing that you may want to keep tucked away in your mind and heart is that once your hubby is medicated and feeling better and able to rationalize and reason things better, he will come to the realization that first drinking is going to interfere with his stability AND second that he doesn't need a drink to make him feel better anymore. He is going to have to see for himself as he becomes more self aware that there is sooo much more to lose than to gain when he chooses to drink. And he has to figure out ways to stop doing it such as not putting himself in situations that will be difficult for him to refrain from doing so.

He can learn to mix some seltzer and cranberry and stick a lemon or lime in it and sip on that knowing that it is far better to remain stable than to take a chance on throwing things off balance and having to take the consequences of doing so.

I KNOW how difficult it is for you to get those hopes up too soon but things ARE looking good and I sure hope they stay that way.

PLEASE, keep us is GREAT to hear good news around us all hope and incentive to "Carry On", as a wise fellow on this board often says!!!

((((HUGS)))) ~ Goody

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